The Continuous Radon Monitor-Flow Through, CRM-FT, uses a highly sensitive Lucas Cell based radon detector that has a low background. The CRM-FT is equipped with a powerful air sampler. The inlet air filter cassette can be coupled with a sampling tube in order to sample air from a remote location that can be more than 100 m away from the monitor. This feature makes the CRM-FT ideal for radon monitoring in locations with a difficult access and in locations where a suitable power supplier is not available. The CRM-FT has the E-Monitoring capability.

Radiation Monitors

The radiation monitors offered by OLREM Systems have been designed by the Adelaide based firm Radiation Detection Systems. OLREM Systems have exclusive rights to import RDS radiation monitors to the EU. The list of radiation monitors below includes radiation monitors that have the E-monitoring capability.

Continuous Radon Monitor


Two types of CRMs are available: Continuous Radon Monitors that use Lucas Cells in the “Flow Through” mode (CRM-FT) and in the “Diffusion” mode (CRM-D). The basic time logging intervals of the measured Radon Activity Concentration (RnAC) are 10 min and 60 min. Typical LLD is below 10 Bq/m3.

Environmental Radon Daughter Monitor


Environmental Radon Daughter Monitor (ERDM) logs the Potential Alpha Energy Concentration (PAEC) of radon daughter in 10 min or 60 min monitoring windows. The time monitoring “stamp” is programmable into the ERDM memory and the LLD of the PAEC of radon daughters is typically below 0.01 µJ/m3 for the 60 min monitoring interval.

Continuous Radon Daughter and Radon Monitor


The Continuous Radon Daughter and Radon Monitor (CRDRM) combines the detector systems of the ERDM and of the CRM in one compact battery operated unit. The CRDRM has an internal clock ie the PAEC of radon daughter and the Radon Activity Concentration are logged with the date/time stamp. The radon equilibrium factor is calculated from measured values and displayed and logged. Three monitoring intervals can be chosen: 10, 30 or 60 min.

Environmental Gamma Radiation Monitor


The Environmental Gamma Dose Rate Monitor can be supplied either with a GM tube of a Scintillations crystal. Two monitoring intervals can be chosen: 10 or 60 min.

Gamma Spectrometer


The Gamma Spectrometer uses either 1”x1” of 2”x2” NaI(Tl) scintillation crystal coupled with the RDS (Adelaide) 1k MCA. The system is battery operated and allows the measured gamma spectra to be stored in up to 10 internal files.

In case the E-monitoring can’t be carried out and/or is not required the radiation monitors log the measured data into their internal memory. New radiation monitors will be added to the list above as they are ready for the E-Monitoring.

Online Monitoring

In order to commence the E-Monitoring OLREM Systems Radiation Monitors need to be coupled with the E-Monitoring Unit (an internet interface). The monitored data are viewed remotely on the OLREM Platform application.

The OLREM Systems E-Monitoring Service uses either a mobile internet or it connects to the client’s internet.

In order to view and/or analyse monitoring data the client logs into the OLREM Platform (the Username and Password is e-mailed to the client). The clients may choose a suitable monitoring data format for the download from the Radiation Monitoring Platform.

Leasing of Radiation Monitors

Short-term as well as long-term leasing options are available. In order to assess your monitoring requirements, submit your request or describe your monitoring requirements.

Dr. Jiri Kvasnicka

is the managing director of OLREM Systems. He is a nuclear engineer with PhD in experimental nuclear physics. He has 37 years of experience in the radiation protection industry and is a member of the American Health Physics Society and the Australian Radiation Protection Society. He consulted to the International Atomic Energy Agency in Vienna and participated in a number of projects worldwide.

Dr. Kvasnicka is also the founder and owner of the Adelaide based firm Radiation Detection Systems, RDS ( His firm designs and develops radiation monitors and radiation detection based process control systems for the uranium mining industry, government agencies and other clients with specialized radiation monitoring requirements.

MEng. Oto Macenauer

is the IT director of OLREM. With more than 10 years of experience in information systems architecture, he is responsible for software development of online monitoring systems of this company. His previous projects include solutions for major insurance, automotive and banking companies.